I think its safe to say that mirrorless is the imaging technology of the future, no one is denying that. The sticking point comes where if you believe that mirrorless systems have surpassed their DSLR counterparts at this point.

Fujifilm debuted a new teaser for their Photokina festivities featuring a unique take on that age old “March of Progress” human diagram, only this time it’s showing the progression from the stone age of SLRs to the utopia that is mirrorless systems.

*Modified Version Of Teaser*
*Modified Version Of Teaser*

As you can see, the image depicts SLR and DSLR owners lugging around a ton of gear and equipment, while the mirrorless owner is gleefully strolling along with just a small camera/lens around his neck. While I get what they are going for, and obviously most of you will too, I still have an issue with this teaser once you think about it further.

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Yes, mirrorless cameras are smaller, lighter, etc. But, in reality, are you really carrying around less gear because of them? I mean, if you want to use multiple lenses, you still need to carry them with you. Same goes for if you want to take a locked down shot of something, you will still need to carry that tripod around with you. So, I get what Fuji was going for here, but in reality, it is also pretty misleading.

Regardless, kudos to Fuji for coming up with it. One of the better mirrorless system teasers I have seen taking a jab at DSLRs yet. You can see the original teaser and check out Fuji’s Photokina schedule over on the Fuji website here.


What are your thoughts on this Fujifilm teaser for Photokina? Do you also find it a bit misleading, or is the spirit of the tease all that really matters? Leave a comment below!