We officially re-launched our “Master Wedding Photography: Learn with SLR Lounge” group on Facebook, and we’d love for you to check it out.
Here’s a closer look at why you should join and get involved:

  • Community Leader: This group is lead by our fearless leader Jason Vinson and his crew of hand-selected Educational Ambassadors. 
  • Educational Ambassadors: These are established professionals that have earned the SLR Lounge Educational Ambassador endorsement. They are your best place to go with questions, and also the only people approved to post educational content, workshops, and events. You can see all of our ambassadors below! 
  • Features:  Within the weekly learning program, and other posts we will ask you for images to be featured. Featured artists and their images will land on either SLR Lounge’s Instagram or within an article in the magazine itself. We want to help build each of your followings and get your work out there.

SLR Lounge Educational Wedding Ambassadors

Meet our exceptional team of ambassadors that will help guide you in this group with their experience and knowledge in this industry:

Jason Vinson: Community Leader – Website | Instagram

Pye Jirsa – Website | Instagram

Jay Cassario – Website | Instagram

Citlalli Rico – Website | Instagram

Jared Gant – Website | Instagram | Wedding Maps Profile

Charmi Patel Peña – Website | Instagram

Anna Nguyen Stratton – Website | Instagram

Megan Allen – Website | Instagram

Tanya Parada – Website | Instagram

Trevor Dayley – Website | Instagram

Kesha Lambert – Website | Instagram

Click here to request access to this special group!