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Canon 7D News & Insight

NEW! Firmware Update for Canon EOS 7D Version 2.0.X

By Leo Hoang on June 28th 2012

Canon 7D

The Canon 7D has been available for a few years now, however Canon have just released a firmware update which changes the game.

The firmware update radically advances the camera in many ways.

The one feature that impresses me the most is the increased maximum burst rate of pictures taken, previously it stood at 15 RAW files, but now it’s 25, purely with software tweaking.

I’m a Nikon shooter so this update unfortunately does not benefit me, but I do hope this is something that becomes more popular amongst the camera makers to continually improve their cameras.

Click here to view in full all the new features and improvements at the official Canon website.


Leo Hoang is a professional photographer based in London who shoots Weddings, Events and Real-Estate.

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