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New DUO Daypack From WANDRD Is Stylish, Versatile, And Is Slaying Its Kickstarter

By Holly Roa on July 2nd 2019

You may know WANDRD from glowing product reviews here at SLR Lounge, or perhaps you’ve caught a glint of one of their bags in the camera store from the corner of your eye and done a double take. Wherever you first heard of WANDRD, they’re one to watch.

The brand who lives where “style meets functionality” is back again with a new Kickstarter, and building on the massive success of previous creations like the PRVKE bags, the newest offering, the DUO Daypack, had already eclipsed their $25,000 goal within an hour of its launch. With $490,000 in pledges and counting, the DUO Daypack’s Kickstarter is less a gamble and more an opportunity to pick up a hot new product at a discount.

So what is the DUO Daypack, and why do so many people want one? It’s a sleek, innovative daypack for photo gear that easily converts for general-purpose use. What really stands out is the “infinite zip system,” which provides a variety of ways to access and organize your stuff.

The pack is made of animal-free, waterproof materials with YKK waterproof zippers, and is compatible with WANDRD’s modular accessories like accessory straps to attach things externally and a waist strap to help distribute the weight of a heavy pack more evenly.

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Of note, the DUO Daypack is not compatible with WANDRD’s PRVKE Camera Cubes. Instead, the new pack is equipped with an integrated, collapsible POP camera cube which can be accessed from either the left or right.

DUO Daypacks are set to ship late this year, with the estimated delivery date in December of 2019. As of this writing, a few more Early Bird pledges are available for $175, but if you miss those you can still grab the bag for $190. Once the DUO Daypacks are in regular production, they are expected to retail for $219.

Check out the promo video below to see the DUO Daypack in action, and visit the Kickstarter page to view even more details and purchase.

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  1. Matthew Saville

    Everybody talks about how sketchy Kickstarter can be, but the fact is, quite a few camera gear brands have really delivered great products, and have been making good on all their promises. In my observation, Wandrd is one of those companies that definitely is worth the investment…

    | |
    • Holly Roa

      I absolutely agree, about both Kickstarters and WANDRD. I might be a little hesitant about a brand that’s just getting established, but for Kickstarter veterans like WANDRD and Peak Design, I wouldn’t worry at all.

      | |
    • Jared Gant

      For sure! MagMod and Peak Design are two companies that come mind right away when talking about how KS can be great!

      That being said, I think won always need to consider the risk. I also know some people have been burnt supporting photography projects. Faith In America, ironically enough, being one that comes to mind. 

      | |