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‘New Community: An Instagram Story’ Shows How Social Media Communities Can Be More Than Digital

By Kishore Sawh on February 29th 2016

It’s hard to imagine that we’ve got a grasp on what social media means, and where, how, and to what extent it will feature in the lives of our species. In many ways, the internet on a whole is in its infancy. Sure it existed earlier, but it was in 1994, when Windows 95 dropped, that the internet found its way into the collective consciousness and daily lives of most, and for something this big, it’s still in its infancy, as is social media.

I think it’s that point, that it’s all still rather new, that we underestimate the actual enabling power of social. We’re sort of still caught up in the newness of it, the fact that it exists, and that we can all get a peek into each other’s closets, dining rooms, and bedrooms. Being caught up in that way can mean for many, we’re still viewing social media as something ‘done online’ and view it only in that space, but in fact, social media can be used to connect us in person, and Instagram has been trying to do that.


I’ve said before that Instagram is the quintessential expression of modern photography trends, from the curatorial to the editorial. It’s is all about community, and that community is made up of the most frequent and prolific, if not entirely professional, photographers. Not that it doesn’t have those, too. But it’s not a museum, nor static in any way, as it is, in fact, where all the people are in real time. And one of the huge pushes Instagram’s been making is to get those like-minded souls together, not over cyberspace, but in person.

They’ve already hosted numerous events with printed examples of people’s work, and all organized with a sense of community and interaction in mind. And clearly it’s not just the editorial staff that’s pushing this, as users have taken it out of their hands and into their own doing meet-ups all over the world. Being photographers, we can become very insular, hidden away from a community, but the video herein should help you realize it doesn’t have to be that way.



It’s an inspiring video about a group of guys who set out on an adventure to photograph and meet people in person they’d only known online, through Instagram. There’s nothing to learn technically here, but what it imparts may be more important than that, so just watch and think perhaps of how you can use the platforms you have to grow your audience, your friends, and within a community as an artist. Instagram is brilliant for that, and so are your Facebook groups. If you find yourself here on SLRL from time to time or all the time, I encourage you to join our FB community where we throw together ideas, critique when asked and help of all kinds. It’s a good place to be.


You can check out more from the video’s creators, The Neighborhood Film Co. here.

Source: Fstoppers

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