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New Canon Tilt-Shift Revamp In The Works?

By Anthony Thurston on March 31st 2015

Yesterday, the focus was on  a 16-35mm F/2.8L II, and today, we are hearing rumblings that the Canon 45mm and 90mm Tilt-Shift lenses are also in line for a revamp and upgrade.


According to the report over on Canon Rumors, Canon has prioritized revamping their 45mm and 90mm Tilt-shift lenses. The thought is that the new versions could be better optimized to work on a camera like the 5DS or 5DSR (or other high megapixel sensors that may be coming).

The report also suggested that high-end glass supplies are limiting the introduction of more top end lenses to the Canon lens lineup. All I have to say to that is, come on Hoya, get your act together! 

In all seriousness though, as cool as the Tilt-Shift lenses are, I am a bit puzzled as to why those lenses would be a priority for Canon. Surely there are other, more mainstream, lenses that could use an update first.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you like to see a revamp of Canon’s Tilt-Shift lenses? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

[via Canon Rumors]

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  1. A R

    I had the old TS 45 (and the old TS24). On 5D II and III, for me (or then just only on my cameras), where just not good enough anymore, even when no newer 45 could replace it. I sold it.
    So I do not agree it to be sharp. The TS-e 90mm yes, but on the opposite of an APO-like ( magenta around bright whites).
    I love the idea of 45mm ( vs 50mm), really am waiting for a new one as good as the ts 17 and 24, waiting since they came out.
    I hope they both (if true) will have super-nice bokhe…
    ( the only good 50mm “replacement” I found was the Zeiss 50 Macro f2. Maybe I would still keep it with a new 45 TS – lets see ;-)

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  2. Michael Burnham

    When the cam out with the new TSE 24MM lens they just about doubled the price. The original version of that lens was by far the weakest of the 3 TSEs optically, but the 45 and 90 are tack sharp. I don’t know what they would do to improve on these these two lenses that have been an industry standard in product photography for more than a decade. Any update is of course welcome just don’t double the price on us!

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    • adam sanford

      Agree 100%, Michael. T/S lenses are like that absurd 5x macro MP-E lens in that they lack AF entirely and are usually sitting stop tripods (or focus rails in the case of the MP-E). So these lenses don’t need refreshes with neato new AF motors and image stabilization. They should be a much longer refresh timeline than a 35 prime or a 24-70 zoom.

      (Translation of the above: Where the @#$@ is my IS refresh of the 50 f/1.4 USM, Canon?! SURELY that’s a bigger seller than a non-L tilt-shift. C’MON!)

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  3. Graham Curran

    If the lenses are designed with the 50MP sensors in mind then having some specialist glass might appeal to the commercial and architectural photographers.

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  4. Tom Bicknell

    Canon’s TS-E lenses are the biggest reason I chose that system. As with any rumors with Canon any refresh is probably years out but it would be worth it for sure as they update their lens catalog for the traversal to these new sensors. There really is nothing like a TS-E lens for creative control.

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  5. robert garfinkle

    I’d like to see a refresh too, of Nikon’s similar types, including fisheyes… I’d say they’re about due.

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