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New Canon Patent Points to More EF-M Lenses On The Way

By Anthony Thurston on April 13th 2014

Despite appearing to completely abandon the EOS-M and EOS-M2, Canon has always said that more lenses for their failed mirrorless system would be coming. Though, given how thoroughly the system bombed here in the US, it is somewhat surprising to see that those plans seem to have remained the same.


A new patent has come to light which appears to be for the EF-M mount. The lens is a 22-46mm F/3.5-5.6, this would be an equivalent of 35-75mm on a full frame body (assuming the EOS-M series sticks with APS-C sensors).



It has been speculated that this new lens could be released along with a new EOS-M3, with which Canon would try to reintroduce the EOS-M series to the world. This makes sense to me, but if they want to turn any heads, I hope that they have something better up their sleeves than a F/3.5-5.6 zoom lens.

Regardless, here are the official patent details for the EF-M 22-46mm F/3.5-5.6.

EF-M 22-46 F/3.5-5.6 Patent Details

Patent Publication No. 2014-63025

  • Publication date 2014.4.10
  • Filing date 2012.9.21


Example 7

  • Zoom ratio 2.09
  • Focal length f = 22.10-34.22-45.19mm
  • Fno. 3.60-4.59-5.60
  • Half angle ω = 31.72-21.76-16.48 °
  • Image height 13.66mm
  • 65.76-62.07-64.72mm lens length
  • BF 28.16-36.88-45.09mm

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Canon should give the EOS-M series another shot here in the States? Leave a comment below to discuss.

[via Canon Rumors]

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  1. Aaron

    Personally, I’d love to see an EOS M model with an EVF, better AF, a real mode dial, and a secondary settings dial. I have the original EOS M and love shooting with it when I’m not carrying my 6D. In a pinch, I can use all of my old FD glass with a non-TC adapter, or throw an EF to EF-M adapter on the body and use all my L-glass. For it’s size, it makes for a nice backup camera in my bag when I’m using the 6D as well. I don’t think Canon marketed the camera properly…they intentionally de-optioned it to keep it below their DSLRs, despite performing like a T4i/SL1 without traditional phase-detect AF.

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