Canon is not known for pushing firmware updates very often, and when it does, usually they are fixes, rather than feature upgrades. That also seems to be the case for a rumored Canon 7D Mark II firmware that could drop as soon as next week.


According to a new report over on Canon Rumors, a user on their forums (in other words, MAJOR salt needed here), reports that they were told by a Canon service rep that AF issues he was having with his 7D2 will likely be resolved in a firmware update that could be coming as soon as next week.

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Putting aside the fact that this user could just be plain blowing smoke, or a simple misunderstanding of the service rep from Canon, this is some interesting news. It seems to indicate that there is an issue with 7D2 AF widespread enough that Canon needs to address it with a firmware update. Secondly, it would also leave the door open for Canon to possibly upgrade/update the AF algorithms and improve what was already a great AF system in the 7D2.

If you own a 7D Mark II be on the lookout, there may be a firmware heading your way in the next couple of weeks.

[via Canon Rumors]