Welcome to our roundup series where we will hit on several gear news and rumor topics each day. This gives you a chance to get caught up on all of the day’s news and rumors in one place. Make sure to check back daily for the latest gear news, rumors, and announcements.

Canon 50mm f/1.2L Update Rumblings


Both Sigma and Zeiss have killed it with their recent respective 50mm lens launches, and this has put a lot of pressure on Canon to update their own 50mm offerings. It started with a revamp of the 50mm F/1.8, and now there are rumblings that an update could be coming for the 50mm F/1.2L.

The first thing people have been pointing to is the sudden disappearance of the 50mm F/1.2L from Canon USA’s website. This could just be an error of some kind, like what happened with the 17-55mm, or it could be a sign. The other thing people have noticed is the recent price drop of the 50mm F/1.2L, which is often something Canon does prior to a new launch; on its own, it isn’t really proof of much, though.

In my opinion, the 50mm F/1.2L is fine for now. It is the 50mm F/1.4 that needs a revamp. That lens is crazy old and has not been a competitive option for Canon shooters in a long while. With lenses like Tamron’s new 45mm F/1. 8 launching with great performance and a low price, the need for an updated 50mm F/1.4 is greater.

What do you think?

WiFi Finally Coming to More Canon Bodies?

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Back when the Canon 7D Mark II was announced, one of the biggest things everyone noticed was the blatant lack of WiFi connectivity. It was a feature that was included in the 6D, but has otherwise been omitted from all Pro-Level Canon bodies.

The excuse, as I will call it, has been that the metal bodies and extensive weather sealing had caused issues with WiFi reliability in the past, so Canon nixed it all together. But now, it appears, Canon has developed a method for getting WiFi into their upcoming Pro level bodies.

This new US Patent indicates that the all metal hotshoe has been an issue for Canon, causing interference with their previous WiFi efforts. The solution, according to the patent, involves a “configuration in which the wireless communication unit is arranged on the inclined surface (Dach surface) of the pentaprism such that the accessory shoe does not disturb a radio wave upon wireless communication.

Basically, by moving the wireless unit to a different location, Canon has been able to eliminate the WiFi connectivity issues. WiFi is not a feature that many of us use a ton, but it is still nice to have. For example, I would have loved to have it this week while I was testing those new Tamron lenses, I could have been posting to Twitter and Instagram from the event rather than having to wait until I got back to the hotel.

What do you all think about Canon and WiFi connectivity? Should they make sure to include it going forward or is it not a big deal to you?

Sony To Update Two A Mount Lenses Soon?


According to a new report over on Sony Alpha Rumors, Sony is preparing to update two of its popular telephoto portrait primes for their A-mount system. The lenses in question: the 135mm F/1.8 and the 85mm F/1.4.

The interesting thing here is that the updates will essentially just be to the AF systems, with the optical quality remaining generally the same for the two lenses. Normally I would like to see at least some optical improvements or modifications, but maybe Sony sees the AF as the primary shortfall of these two lenses and is taking an ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ mentality in regards to the optical formula.

Regardless A-Mount rumors are few and far between these days. So you A-mount hold outs, enjoy this one while it lasts. I’m sure that several E-mount rumors are not too far off, ha!

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