People all over the globe drooled over the built in 1.4x extender on the latest Canon 200-400mm F/4. It appears that the attention caught Canon’s eye and they could be looking to bring the feature to their next 40mm F/2.8 lens.


Canon’s 200-400mm F/4 w/ built in extender

A new patent uncovered over on Canon Watch shows the plans for a new 400mm F/2.8 lens with the addition of a 1.4x extender. This would be big news for sports and wildlife shooters, as it would give a nice range boost and a much better quality increase over external 1.4 extenders.

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The downside, of course, is that Canon tacks on quite the pretty penny when including features like this, so if a lens such as this does ever come to fruition, don’t expect it to be cheap. I can definitely see this being a highly requested feature for some though.

Canon 400mm F/2.8 w/ Extender Patent


  • Patent Publication No. 2014-115410
    • Publication date 2014.6.26
    • Filing date 2012.12.7
  • Master lens
    • Focal length f = 390.09mm
    • Fno. 2.90
    • Half angle ω = 2.01 °
    • Image height Y = 13.66mm
    • The overall length of the lens 367.66mm
    • BF 44.00mm
    • 15 pieces of 11-group lens configuration
    • Two fluorite
  • Example 1
    • Focal length f =-226.69mm
    • 1.41x magnification
    • Five 4-group lens configuration
    • One piece of one sided aspherical


What are your thoughts on a possible 400mm F/2.8 with a built in extender? Would you want to pay the extra premium for such a feature upgrade?

[via Canon Watch]