Canon announced their new 16-35mm a little while back, and now some sample images are starting to make their way online, and they are impressive. Canon China recently released these image samples from the new lens, and it appears to perform very well.

Here are a few of the sample shots.  You can find the rest of them over on the Canon China website.

sample5_b sample1_b

We won’t be able to say for sure until we get this new lens in our hands for a review, but from what we have seen so far, it looks as if this new 16-35mm outperforms its 17-40mm brother, especially in the corners.

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What are your thoughts of this lens after taking a look at some of the sample images? If you already own a 17-40mm would you think about trading it in for the new 16-35mm? Leave a comment below and let’s discuss.

[via Canon Rumors]