The Blackmagic Ursa was a big headline getter when it was announced a short time ago. Today, I have some absolutely beautiful footage for you from DP John Brawley in which he used the new URSA to capture the stunning sunrise at Bronte Beach.


In the video, which you can watch below, Brawley does a masterful job of both showing off the beauty of the scenery at Bronte Beach, as well as the amazing qualities of the URSA and its footage. To keep things interesting, Brawley used an old Cooke 25-250mm Lens, and the resulting video had my jaw on the floor.

The URSA is a 4K camera that is currently available for pre-order from B&H for the low (ha!) price of $6,495. If this footage is any representation of this camera, I have a good impression of it already. It would be fun to play with one of these for a couple days just to see what it can do…


What are your thoughts on the video? Did anything stand out to you? Leave a comment below!

[via John Brawley on Vimeo]