We are huge fans of the MeFoto branded tripods here at SLR Lounge – take a look at our review. The MeFoto tripods, while absolutely stellar photography tripods, left a little to be desired from a videographer’s perspective. Now, Benro, who makes MeFoto, has released their new Aero tripods, which look to be a “MeFoto” for videographers.


The new Aero units are offered in two sizes: the Aero4 and the Aero2. The idea behind these new Aero tripods was to have a small, light-weight travel tripod that would fit with what videographers need. Things like quality fluid head, a detachable leg that converts into a monopod, and clip locks rather than twist locks.

Unfortunately, just as with the MeFoto tripods, the center shaft prevents the tripod from going as low as the support legs would allow. Though annoying, this probably won’t matter too often, but still something to note if you need your tripod to get really low.

Otherwise, these seem to be an ideal option for videographers looking for a sturdy tripod that can travel with them. You can find the Aero4 ($249) and Aero2 ($199) available for pre-order now over on B&H.