When the news came down that Apple would be discontinuing its Aperture photo processing software, many users were left wondering how they would transfer all of their data over to essentially the only option left in the game, Adobe’s Lightroom.


Neither Apple nor Adobe – at this point – have released any sort of tool to help with the transfer process, and so users have had to do all of the transferring by hand. That inspired software developer Adrian Grah to develop Aperture Exporter, an app he hopes will be able to make the transfer process quick and painless.

Currently on its third beta, Aperture Exporter does exactly what the name implies. It takes your data from Aperture, and exports it into an Adobe Lightroom format. It is not perfect, as the only way to get your adjustments from Aperture to Lightroom is to export “baked” jpeg versions, meaning tweaking those adjustments in Lightroom will not be possible.


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But the more important things, like metadata, and how you categorize your images can be easily transferred. If you are are currently using Aperture, and would like to make the switch to Lightroom, this is an app that you should look into.

You can download the free beta over on Grah’s website, here. Just remember that being a beta means that there are bound to be issues and the process may not work flawlessly for you. That said, why not give it a shot, it will likely make the process much easier for you to handle than by doing it 100% by hand.


What are your thoughts on this? Should Apple or Adobe setup up and release some sort of official app or process for making the switch from Aperture to Lightroom easier? Leave a comment below.