Today Wacom announced their new Cintiq 22HD touch, the latest addition to their interactive pen display lineup and this new edition also features multi-touch technology. This new Cintiq combines the use of a pen that many creative professionals are used to with the naturally easy to pick up touch technology which combine to make for a very intuitive and natural workflow.

Darren Higgins specializes in portraiture and commercial product photography.

The new Cintiq 22HD is expected to retail for around $2,499. Way out of my budget, so I’ll be sticking with my bamboo tablet (haha). But if you are a serious graphic designer or simply a studio with more disposable cash than I then this is an IPD (Interactive Pen Display) that you need to look into.

You can learn more about this new Cintiq 22HD from the product page over at Wacom’s website.