If you do any sort of serious shooting these days you know that hard drive space quickly adds up. We are always looking for better (and bigger) options for images archival and storage, and if you are too, Seagate has a new drive you need to know about.


Seagate’s New 8TB Archival Drive Offers Serious Storage at an Affordable Price

Seagate launched their Archival line of drives earlier this year and they feature a new technology that allows them to pack more data onto the spinning platters that a normal spinning drive can. The benefit is ridiculous amounts of data for an super affordable price, and one downside is that they are not the speediest drives on the market – even compared to other spinning drives.

The latest version of these Archival drives is a whopping 8TB and is available for only $260! That means you are paying something like 3 cents per 1GB of data. This reminds me of when I bought my first 10GB drive for something like $200, and I remember thinking I would never need more space…

Unfortunately these new drives are not really available quite yet, unless you want to order a 20-pack for a cool $5,000 from Amazon. They should be on store shelves individually within the next couple of weeks though,    so stay tuned and we will notify you.

What are your thoughts about Seagate’s Archival Drives? Do you archive your images personally or do you archive offsite to a datacenter or cloud service? Leave a comment below and let us know!