Time is amongst the most valuable assets an entrepreneur can steward well if he or she plans to achieve even a modicum of success in this industry or life in general. When endowed with a bountiful supply of tools and techniques, one can easily be stifled by an inefficient workflow that impedes productivity and thus profitability, and finding ways to shave hours from days, minutes from hours, and even seconds from minutes are vital to maintaining the momentum of your life. If you haven’t noticed, photographers are obsessed with speed.

To that end, photographer Bill Larkin has created a basic and short video detailing simple but clearly useful and effective OSX Finder tips for photographers that help with efficiency. Even if you’ve been a Mac user for ages, you still may find some use here you weren’t aware of.

Tip #1 – Title Bar

Any title bar of any file or program allows you to right-click it revealing the folder tree where your file or program is located and lets you to open it up.

Tip #2 – Dragging

In stead of clicking on the attachment tab in your email, you can repeat the steps of Tip #1 and simply drag the file into your open email.

Tip #3 Dragging Pt. 2

These shortcuts don’t just apply to single files but to folders as well. Again, you use Tip #1 to located the folder and when you drag and drop it in its destination, that folder and the contents therein are accessible in your upload navigation window.

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These are seemingly insignificant tips that can accrue value as times goes on, and they are the sort that don’t require much mental capital because they can easily become habit. Once you find a better way of doing business, it best not to ignore it lest your suffer in the long run.