There are few things as laughable and equally irritating for me, and I dare say a lot of you informed and tenacious viewers, like the uninformed critique of camera choice of others, comparing based on nonsense, as if it was some sort of pissing contest. And that’s what it really can be like; judging the caliber of a contemporary or fellow photog because of the model they’re using. We know this is bollocks, and the offenders are of a benighted persuasion.

Since it is so commonplace, it’s so easily identifiable, and this clip from HBO’s Veep is a sharp and funny interaction which just highlights SO well, how absurd it all is. Particularly enjoy the crassness of the moment when Jonah (proud, if ignorant, Canon 1D owner) utters smugly, “Not a 1D?” Then enjoy even more, the response. Happy Humpday ladies and gents.

Source: The Phoblographer