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National Geographic Unpublished Archives are Found

By Jules Ebe on June 23rd 2013

Since its inception, National Geographic has become synonymous with some of the most stunning and groundbreaking photojournalism ever seen. Along with earning this reputation, it has also accrued an impressive collection of unpublished images – after all, they cannot print everything that comes across the editor’s desk. To celebrate the publication’s 125th anniversary this year, editors launched a Tumblr blog to highlight some of these remarkable images lost in time.

Found is Nat Geo’s new photo blog featuring images from a vast archive of unpublished vintage prints.

Web Barr, the designer who conceived Found states:

“If we haven’t seen them, it’s likely that they aren’t known outside the offices of National Geographic. Figuring out a way to ‘lift the veil’ even a little bit was something I was determined to do.”

Well, thank you Web. We cannot wait to appreciate all of these hidden gems.

National Geographic‘s Found Archive

Buckets of iron ore are transported to a major steelworks in Hunedoara, Romania, November 1975.

The glow of an atomic bomb test draws Las Vegas casino workers, March 1953.

Man testing early television equipment in New York, 1959.

A replica of the Mayflower sails into New York Harbor with welcoming fleet.

A Burchell’s zebra at rest in the African terrain.

A sailplane pilot glides high above Innsbruck and the Inn River in Austria, July 1961.

Teenagers run and play on large white sand dunes.

Two women in Southeast Asia discuss the day’s news, May 1921.

Women use compact mirrors in packed crowd to catch sight of the Queen in London, June 1966

Victoria amazonica water lilies can reach 20 feet in circumference and support up to 300 pounds each. Perching children atop the massive leaves was all the rage in water gardens of the time. Salem, North Carolina, c. 1892.

Boys exploring cave with flashlights look up in wonder near Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, March 1957.

A “drugstore cowboy” preparing to deliver orders on his bicycle in Texas, 1938.

To see more of the archive, check out the Tumblr blog here.

Until Next Time . . .

Stay Inspired ~ Jules

[via Wired, Found]


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