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NASA Boldly Goes …To Extremes| #GlobalSelfie, A Selfie For Good

By Kishore Sawh on May 31st 2014


“Where are you on Earth right now?” That’s what NASA asked Earthlings around our little blue marble this year on Earth Day. It was an invitation from the world’s foremost authority on otherworldly things, for citizens of Earth to reply with a photo of themselves and share on social media. What was the point of this? Was NASA now a finger of the NSA? No. Well, not that I’m aware of. The premise was much more beautiful, peaceful, and elegant; to create a multi giga-pixel, interactive, mosaic composite of our planet, made up of people.


The idea was to have each photo be a pixel represented in the final mosaic of the extreme variety, to form a sort of #Globalselfie. People from over 113 countries responded on all sorts of platforms of social media from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Flickr, and more. Each photo looked at, and essentially curated by NASA to be included, and the result is complete. The end result is a magnifiable, 3.2 Giga-pixel masterpiece, that defines the planet by its people. What an idea.

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Here’s a video NASA put together of a selection of the images submitted, but it’s much more rewarding and fun to use the proper composite.

Live long and prosper.

Source: NASA

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