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The Naked Lens, An X-Ray Look At New and Old Lenses

By Anthony Thurston on November 30th 2013

We have all seen those illustrations of how a lens is constructed, how the glass elements are fitted together. We have all seen x-ray images of our bones and teeth. One photographers project merges these two things to make for a really unique look at the lenses we use every day.

Guy Viner is a photographer that uses his day job as a x-ray technician to photograph SLR lenses. When looking at the images below you will likely find them pretty familiar, they resemble those lens layout illustrations that we see whenever a new lens is released.

The difference here is that these are X-ray images, and you can see not only the glass elements but also the screws and other pieces to the puzzle. It is a really unique look at these lenses and really helps you appreciate what is going on inside of them. Its a lot more complicated than many think. see for yourself…

xray-helios-44-22-58 xray-nikon-18-105-15 xray-nikon-18-105-105 xray-nikon-35-105-35 xray-nikon-38-1-8 xray-nikon-105mm xray-russian-01 xray-russian-02 xray-series xray-sigma-ex-10-20 xray-soliger-c-d-80-200-80 xray-soliger-c-d-80-200-200 xray-tamron-28-bbar-multi-c xray-topman-28-80-18 xray-topman-28-80-80

Can you name any of the lenses pictured? Leave a comment below!

Guy Viner is a conceptual photographer based in Carmiel, Israel. You can follow his (Hebrew) musing here and his art on 500px.

[via DIY Photography]

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