Depth of field can be a tricky nut to crack when you are first starting out. While portrait photographers are usually trying to work with the thinnest depth of field possible, landscape photographers – usually- need to have the foreground just as sharp as the background.

One common mistake when trying to get this “all over focus” is thinking that just stopping down to F10-F/22 and snapping a shot will work. That is simply not the case, at least not usually. Where you actually focus in the scene has an effect on how the depth of field covers your image. Focus too close to you and some of the background will not be sharp, and focus too far from the camera and the foreground will not be sharp.

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This great video from the Professional Photography Tips YouTube channel explains the technique needed to get the best focus in your landscape images from front to back. It is really not all that difficult, but follow the steps in this video and you can really improve the focus in your landscape images.

[Via Professional Photography Tips on YouTube]