Imagine 40 or so years from now, your client sits her grandchild on her lap and talks about the magical day she married Grandpa. She speaks of the beautiful and fragrant bouquet of of flowers that she held as she looked into Grandpa’s eyes, the twinkle in the eye of Great Grandpa as he walked her down the aisle, the Pinterest inspired reception, where she and Grandpa danced the night away. The little girl grabs her Grandmother’s cheeks and exclaims breathless with anticipation “Oh Grandma, Can I see the photos?” To which Grandmother replies, “Let me find the disc and see if Grandpa can dig out the old MacBook in the attic that can play it.”

If I had it my way, all of my clients would receive physical albums. Not just for the higher packages and additional revenue, but mainly because I believe it’s the best way to display my photography, elicit an emotional response from the viewer, and to avoid scenes like the one described above.

For photographers, the primary problems of offering physical albums are time and cost. Albums are priced high, usually in the $1,000 to $2,000 range because of 1) the high cost from the manufacturer and 2) the additional design and retouch time. Design time can be as short as 2 hours for clients with little to no revisions and as long as 10 to 20 hours for clients with many revisions. For many (if not most) clients, this high price is simply too much to pay, resulting in many album-less packages and images that never make it onto ink and paper. And while many clients would make their own albums, most lack the artistry, software and vision to create a beautiful album.

MyPublisher’s Premium Albums

In comes Mypublisher’s new premium albums and album design services. For photographers, having access to a professional album designer saves critical time. For clients with their own full resolution images, the design service allows them to create a beautiful premium album without special software or design skills.

We had the opportunity to review both their album design service and their actual premium albums and here are our thoughts on the pros and cons.

Basic Info

  • Website –
  • Pricing starting from $270
  • Max pages – 90
  • Printed on photographic paper, coated with a protective lacquer
  • $50 design service fee (already included in the starting price of $270)
  • The extra page fee is $10 per side and $20 per spread

Design Process

1) Decide Who Chooses – Either upload a set of images for your clients to choose from or upload your exact images.

2) Decide among the three cover options – Choose 1) Solid Leather, 2) Photo Inset, or 3) Photo Finish Wrap


3) Choose Your Text OptionsMypublisher did an excellent job providing a wide range of text options. They have styles that fit a more modern look as well as styles that fall into the more traditional look. See the text options below:


4) Choose Your Layout Style – Choose between a “simply layout” and a “modern layout,” the main difference being that the modern layout uses image overlays and a mixture of colored and black and white photos on the same spread.


5) Upload Your Images – Select your number of images and upload using their web browser.


Main Pros

1) Great Packaging and Branding – The entire experience is professional and clean, from the ordering process to the proofing process to the package delivery. MyPublisher also offers a logo removal option so you can sell an unbranded book to your customers.


2) Thick, High-Quality Pages – Choose between standard pages or thick pages.  The standard pages are 1/32nd of an inch (about the size of a dime) and the thick pages are 1/16th of an inch (about the size of a nickel).


3) Durable, High-Quality Binding – The binding and overall construction is high-quality, sturdy, and even from spread to spread.


4) High Print Quality – The colors are accurate and consistent from image to image.


5) Good Design Service – The design process was fast and responsive. Their initial designs were great; but some revisions needed to be made to fit our style. These revisions were made within a business day of submitting the requests. See a few more spreads in the Instagram post below:


1) Gilding – Though some clients might enjoy the look of the gild, some may not. Currently, there is no option for “no gild,” so you have to choose from one of the three options below.


2) Size Options – My favorite wedding album size is 10×15 landscape. I feel that that format fits my style of layouts and really brings a “wow” factor to our large, wide images. Currently, these books only come in three sizes, 8×8, 10×10, and 12×12. However, you could argue this as a “pro” because sometimes less is more; and offering a simple, straightforward lineup to your clients can result in higher sales. In the next few months though, the album service is being added into their client and there will be more size options once it is in there.

3) Cover Options – My favorite album covers are ones that feature great images, which Mypublisher has covered. Afterall, we want our work to be the main focal point, not crazy leather colors or other distracting elements. However, sometimes you’ll get clients that want something completely different, even abstract. Other companies offer more variety in their covers, using various textures, cloths, and leathers.

4) Access to Pricing – Anyone can see the premium album costs. While most clients won’t get into researching your costs, some might. If they know that you’re paying $300 to $500 per album, they might start to wonder why they have to pay $1,000 to $2,000. You’re then stuck explaining to them the additional time it takes to retouch each image, make adjustments to the designs, etc. If this is a major concern of yours, we do recommend using the “Logo Removal” service, which removes all branding from the album and makes it less likely for your clients to discover your hard costs.

Overall Recommendation and Giveaway

MyPublisher has done a great job with their new premium albums and their design service. The main benefit I see is their design service, which can potentially save photographers hundreds of hours per year. For the average consumer, like a recently married couple, it gives them an opportunity to create professionally designed premium albums at an affordable rate. Check out their site for more info:

MyPublisher has agreed to give away a gift credit in the amount of $500 to one lucky winner to create a MyPublisher Premium Album. To enter, use the form below:

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For those of you who want to check out for your album and album design needs, the company is offering SLR Lounge readers a 20% off your first premium album purchase!