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MyMyk, A New Rode Mic Challenger

By Anthony Thurston on August 21st 2013

It is no secret that the key to good video project is great audio, and Rode has enjoyed its position as the “go to” microphone system for DSLR video shooters for quite some time now. But now a new competitor, MyMyk, has surfaced and is hoping to carve out some of Rode’s market share.

MyMyk’s two launch products are the SmartMyk and the SmartLynk, both of which are designed specifically with DSLR shooters in mind.

The SmartMyk

The SmartMyk, the direct competition to the Rode Video Mic, is priced at around $250 putting it on the high end of the DSLR mic market (along with the Rode VideoMic Pro). The SmartMyk is also incredibly lightweight coming in at only 60gms including the battery, which is great because the last thing you need when your lugging around lots of heavy DSLR gear is more weight.

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“Smart Myk is a directional microphone which works by localising the sound to the image, rejecting background noise to concentrate on the sound from the subject of the camera’s focus. It easily attaches to any DSLR or video camera, making it perfect for professional recording, home videos, internet broadcasting, journalism, sporting events and much more.” – MyMyk Product Description

The SmartLynk

The other product that MyMyk has released is the SmartLynk, which is a powerful on camera audio controller. The SmartLynk allows you to have two mic inputs (each with their own level control), headphone monitoring, and two audio out ports for recording to your camera in addition to an external audio recorder like an H4n.


“SmartLynk is a compact, portable/on-camera,two-channel mixer and monitoring device, giving you the results of a professional audio production rig at a fraction of the price. The perfect companion to the SmartMyk microphone and the MyMyk Camera Audio iPhone app, SmartLynk allows you to monitor your sound input prior to and during recording; block unwanted AGC noise from the camera by overriding the camera’s built-in Automatic Gain Control (AGC); or record external audio without needing to be attached to your DSLR or video camera. What’s more, it has two microphone inputs so you can capture multiple audio channels at once” – MyMyk Product Description

In Combination

When used in combination the SmartMyk and the SmartLynk pair together perfectly to help you get the best audio possible out of your DSLR setup. To get a great look at the two products when used in conjunction with each other check out this great demo video.

My Thoughts

I think that these could be a great Rode competitor, my only real critique is that the SmartMyk looks really cheap. It looks to be made of cheap plastic and the microphone is so thin it looks to be really flimsy. I have not used one, so I do not know, but just basing my opinion on the images provided by MyMyk I would be much more comfortable with the durability of a Rode over these (based on the eyeball test).

From what I can see the performance of these two new products is great, its just the looks that is throwing me off. I know they are making a big selling point that these items are small and light, making them a good alternative to the bigger and bulkier Rode options. But for me, I like my gear to have some bulk, just to put my mind at ease over things easily breaking.

You can learn more about MyMyk and their SmartMyk and SmartLynk products over on their website.

What are your thoughts? Are these going to make good competitors to the Rode Video Mic? Let us know in a comment below. 

[via Planet 5D]

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Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community. Find him over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.

Q&A Discussions

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  1. Bradley Higgins

    This is not a good product. it makes a high pitch noise out of the mixer output mic. The sound is better coming out of the monitor plug but still lots of hissing when recording.

    The company website is down and no contact for the company.

    | |
  2. Chuck Eggen

    I agree Anthony. It does look cheap and besides, once a company has a lock (Rode’) it’s hard to unseat them. Not to say it can’t be done but you really have to work the marketing side to get in the game.

    | |
  3. Bas

    Owned one and tested it, than returned it. It doesn’t only look cheap, it is a cheap manufactured microphone. In fact the box that surrounds it even has been designed better. Very overpriced for what you get. The directivity is good, the sound itself also kind of ok (bit noisy though) but by far not as good as the Rode videomic pro, which I got for less instead. I did like the size (very compact) of the Smartmyk but the isolation of handling noise was terrible.

    The specs say it has an integrated shockmount made of TPE syntatic rubber ensuring any noise created through camera handling vibrations are reduced to a minimum. I beleived it when I bought it, but after testing found out that it doesn’t minimize but AMPLIFIES handling noise from the camera. Every move of my hands is recorded in a very exaggerated way. Even the IS noise of my 12-35mm Lumix lens -which is a very quiet lens- was clearly recorded in quiet situations.

    Only usable on tripod I think, or as an emergency solution when portability and directivity really count, but be sure not to move your hands while holding the camera at all and to turn off the IS.

    | |
  4. Zack

    I know DSLR’s have noisy pre-amps, but that little demo sounded kinda terrible…really noisy. :/

    | |
    • Bas

      The +15 dB gain boost seemed much less in real life. With the boost activated, I had to use about level 14 (of 20) on my GH3 to record a person speaking at 1,5 m. Now, using the Videomic Pro +20dB, I have to turn down to level all the way to 1 or 2 in the same situation, or can use the 0dB setting with about level 14. That means the MYmyk is about 15 dB less sensitive then the Videomic Pro, so the gain boost mode might be fake. Maybe that explains the noisy quality. Why the specifications of the Smartmyk don’t tell anything about it’s sensitivity? Probably Mymyk is trying to fool the customers.

      | |