Its been a little while now since Creative Cloud (CC) was officially released to the world. Many of you refuse to give it a try based on the principle of it all, and I applaud you for that. I wanted to see what it was all about though, and so – using my student discount – I have given it a go. Its been a few weeks now and so I figured I would give an update on CC and how it has worked for me.



One of the main selling points for Adobe’s Creative Cloud was the availability to the entire Adobe library of programs, at the click of a button you could have access to any of Adobe’s many software applications. Sure it sounds great, but in the end what this means is a lot of time downloading in the beginning – especially if you do not have a fast internet connection.

Luckily for me I happen to have fiber optic internet, so downloading software was not much of an issue other than waiting for all of the software to download and install. I had some problems installing CC initially, I actually had to uninstall the client and reinstall it because something bugged out and would not let me install any of the software. Once that was sorted out though CC installed very easily.

The ease of being able to just click “Install” for any Adobe Program that I want to use is awesome.

Photoshop CC


Right off the bat I am going to be blunt, there is nothing in Photoshop CC (at this point) that you would miss if you stick with CS6. Will that be the case a year or two from now, probably no, but at this point those of you still holding out are not missing much. Sure there are a few neat new features, but really Photoshop CC at this point is CS6 with the added CC features. Its the base through which Photoshop CC will build upon into the future.

I have been using Photoshop CC exclusively since it was released, and I am happy to report that I have not had any issues whatsoever. I’ve done everything from designing a logo to putting together a complex Brenizer Method shot of over 50 images. Runs clean and as smooth as I could want. I am happy with Photoshop CC, nothing about it has given me reason to not be.

Lightroom 5


The other benefit to the CC is that I also have access to Lightroom 5 now, which I have actually not used all that much (for editing). I have not experienced the crashing issues that others have experienced, in fact it has run pretty much perfectly as well. Granted I am not pushing through a ton of images like other contributors to this site have been, so that may be why.

All of the advertised additions in LR 5 have worked well for me in the limited occasions that I have needed to use them. So all if well on the LR 5 front as well.

Final Thoughts

My experience with Adobe’s CC has been a good one overall, things have gone mostly to plan and everything has worked as advertised. That being said, I still think that at this point there is little reason to upgrade from CS6 for the casual user. It is simply not enough of an upgrade for me to say that you need to rush out and get CC right away.

Will this change the minds of any anti-CC photographers, probably not, but that was not my intention. I simply wanted to give an update about my experiences with CC so far. So contrary to what some would like you to believe, CC is not so bad – but its also not quite worth the upgrade quite yet either. But thats just my opinion.