I just got the Tamron 24-70mm F2.8 VC USD (Nikon Mount) in for review, and so I wanted to share my initial thoughts lens. I’ve heard nothing but good things from the internets about this lens and so I am eager to give it a try to see how it goes.

Before I jump into my thoughts I want to give a huge shout out to Mike at Focal Point Photography in Dallas, Oregon (My local camera shop), he was kind enough to allow me to take this lens over the weekend for review. If you live in Oregon I highly recommend this shop for their great service and great lens (new and used) selection.


My Initial Thoughts and Opinions

My first thought when looking at this lens was that it is huge, and very pretty. It is not quite as pretty as Sigma’s new lenses, but it’s still a very good looking lens. Much nicer than some of the older third party lenses that I have seen. The build quality seems to be pretty good, and the lens is very heavy in your hands. It’s a good solid lens.

Now for my initial thoughts on its performance. These are not so great, in fact if I didn’t know that this lens rocks (from other review) I may think that this lens is absolutely terrible. I have only had the lens for about a day now, but I have had the opportunity to take it with me to a softball game, a little league game and a portrait shoot. In both sports situations the lens did not perform well at all, I am not sure if it was the backlighting from the sun or if the lens is just badly calibrated but the lens appears to be back focusing pretty bad as well as some pretty bad blooming.

In the example below you can see a shot from the little league game. I was focused on the numbers of the pitcher, but as you can see in the photo the 3rd basemen is much more in focus but is still out of focus himself. (click to view full size)


Now after this happened I did some on the fly AF micro adjusting, so obviously not very accurate, and it improved a little bit but the results were still really subpar. I took the lens with me to a portrait shoot and I was able to get shots in focus, within 5-10 feet. So I tried the lens again at a softball game and the same back focusing issue happened. It seems the lens that I have has problems focusing beyond 5-10 feet.

It is possible that this lens may just be a bum copy, in which case I hope to get my hands on a good copy soon. But at this point, after a day or two of playing around my impressions of this lens are not too great. I will continue to play with the lens and let you know how it all turns out in my full review.

What have your experiences been with this lens? Let us know in a comment below.