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Must Listen | NPR Debates the Ethics of Photojournalism

By Christopher Lin on December 7th 2012

By now we’ve all heard of the photo of the New York Post photo of the man pushed on the tracks.  The photo sparked controversy and sparked a national debate about the role of photographers.

We at SLR Lounge are huge supporters of NPR (National Public Radio) and we wanted to direct our readers over to this week’s Talk of the Nation with Ari Shapiro.  The episode, entitled Documenting Tragedy: The Ethics Of Photojournalism debates the Ethics of Photojournalism and it’s a great, unbiased debate that brings in actual experts, shows both sides of the story, and takes calls from actual photojournalists.

Listen to the podcast by clicking here; and make sure you let us know what you think about NPR’s debate of the issue.

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  1. Barbara

    Thanks for posting this.  I usually listen to NPR and I love, no LOVE, them too but somehow I missed this so I am really grateful for you posting it.  Great debate, insights from the member of VII as well as the other callers too.  Great to listen to all the angles on this and the topic in a larger framework.

    | |