In part one, I shared with you the must-have apps for a photographer planning an outdoor shoot. Now that you have figured out the sunrise/sunset times, when low tide will be, and which cameras to bring, it’s time to be inspired. So, you are sitting on location and despite a favorable forecast, the rain is pouring down. Don’t despair! Since you’ve brought your tablet or smart phone, here are a few apps to pass the time.

1. Ansel Adams

I don’t think there is a need to introduce famed photographer, Ansel Adams. This app was created in collaboration with the Ansel Adams Trust and contains a collection of 40 images, including classics like ‘Moon and Half Dome,’ a selection of letters sent to Alfred Stieglitz, Jimmy Carter and others, and facsimile of very entertaining vintage postcards Ansel had written to his closest friends while traveling America.


In addition, there are also video clips, a biography and interviews in this beautifully produced app which is available at the iTunes store. This is one of those apps you can dive into and always discover something new. Find it here.

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2. Chased by the Light

I had set myself a challenge: that for ninety days between the autumnal equinox and winter solstice, I would make only one photograph a day.  There would be no second exposure, no second chance.” Jim Brandenburg’s groundbreaking ‘Chased by the Light’ project hasn’t lost any of its appeal and power over the years. These are the kind of images that can be looked at and be admired over and over.


The app contains all images and text from the original book, including ‘Revisited after the Storm,’ as well as video clips and new music. This is an app I regularly return to simply because this is one of the most inspirational photo books ever made. It is available from the iTunes store here.

3. The Invisible Wildlife Photographer

Bence Máté is an Hungarian bird photographer, repeated winner of the BBC Nature Photographer of the Year award… and simply one of the most innovative and driven young photographers out there.


In ‘The Invisible Wildlife Photographer,’ he tells his story, which is truly mind-boggling and inspiring. To realize his photographic visions, Máté started building his own hides while still in his teens, which eventually led into an original business enterprise as well as regularly winning national and international awards with his images. This is more a book than an app (and hence available from the iBooks store) but well worth a read even if you are not into bird photography.

What are some of your favorite apps for inspiration? Comment below.

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