In this episode of Weekly CC, (Weekly Constructive Critique) we cover more portraiture! People photography is very popular among our forum readers and contributors, so it’s no surprise that we do get quite a few portraiture entries. Although there are typical rules when it comes to portraiture and composition, there are times when you want to break them.

Prize Giveaway

A $50 gift card to the SLR Lounge Store will be given to our top pick in each episode! If you are the winner of this episode, please contact us and we’ll hook you up! Click HERE to visit the SLR Lounge Store. (Watch the video or scroll down to see who won the gift card in this episode!)


The Weekly CC Video

The Images

01 Little Angel by Brown Cardinal Photo

Little Angel by Brown Cardinal

02 DJ Portrait by Sairo

DJ Portrait by Sairo

03 7 Second Window by mzgloves20

7 Second Window by MZGloves20

04 New Puppy by dretket

New Puppy by dretket

05 Soft focus Portrait by Simon Wantling

Soft Focus Portrait by Simon Wantling

06 Img_9260 by Marcel Lr

IMG 9260 by Marcel Lr

The Winner

And now, this weeks’ CC prize goes to…

06 1st time post by htran5

1st Time Posting Before and After by Htran5