Photoshop and Apple M1 users will love Monogram Creative Console’s latest news. As you’ve seen in our previous review, Monogram is a modular, freeform control surface designed to streamline editing and make interacting with creative software more engaging. The configuration is very flexible and connecting the blocks is like playing Tetris. Altogether, this solution is customizable, fun, and efficient.

In an exciting update, Monogram Creative Console has introduced a new Photoshop plugin, rebuilt from the ground up on Adobe’s new Unified Extensibility Platform (UXP). Over a year in the making, the company has created a faster, richer Photoshop experience that is optimized for Apple M1 Macs.

Enviro3 CameraPlate Monogram May20204056

As a modular and freeform control surface that enables users to combine up to 12 modules in any quantity or combination to optimize for their editing workflow, Creative Console reimagines how creators can interact with Photoshop. The Monogram Creative Console features for the new Photoshop UXP solution include the following:

Brush & Tooltip Controls

PS Screenshot 2 Painting

Monogram’s new Photoshop plugin provides direct access to adjust brush/tooltip size, hardness, opacity, flow, angle, roundness, and spacing with greater ease and precision than hotkeys, menus, or toolbars.

MCC Update 02


The Monogram plugin panel displays live values for brush size, hardness, opacity, and flow in real-time as they are adjusted. Use Monogram keys to select the blending mode for your active tool or paintbrush.



Precise Color Mixing

MCC Update 01Adjust the active tool colors using HSB, RGB, and CMYK mixing models. Use the unique Orbiter module to mirror the display of the color panel’s Hue Cube and Brightness Cube views, allowing intuitive color mixing in 3 dimensions. Work with specific colors often? Now you can assign any color swatch to keys and dial presses via RGB, HSB, CMYK, or Hex values. Less clicking translates to more time for creating, as shown here.

The Monogram plugin panel displays live values for hue, saturation, and brightness in real-time as they are adjusted.

Full Layer Stack Support

Never hunt through the layer stack again. Select, add, and delete, merge, or group layers with Monogram dials and keys.

Layers can be moved up and down in the stack or faded in and out using the layer opacity and fill-opacity functionality. With full blend mode support, assign your most-used blend modes to Monogram keys for quick access.

Custom Actions

The new Monogram plugin reads the actions panel and makes all actions (including custom sets) assignable to Essential Keys and Dial modules. No shortcuts or menu diving, just one press, as shown here. Want even more flexibility? Each key supports a second action assignment linked to press-and-hold.

New Monogram Plugin Panel

With the brand-new plugin panel in Photoshop, live values are displayed for key Monogram-controlled attributes in a small, dockable window. The adjustment window provides value updates for brush and tooltip attributes (size, hardness, flow, and opacity) and the foreground color (hue, saturation, brightness, and hex code).

Seamless App Switching

Monogram Creative console also offers native integrations—including Lightroom Classic, Capture One, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Unreal Engine, and universal MIDI support; automatically reassigning the controls as you switch between apps.

It’s very interesting seeing the evolution of this company. From the early steps under the name of Palette Gear to the new rebranding with the Monogram CC name. Now we are seeing some major updates and upgrades that will benefit content visual creators that are already working with this console or looking forward to improving their workflow through this solution.