According to a recent MIT press-release, “Your smartphone snapshots could be instantly converted into professional-looking photographs with just the touch of a button, thanks to a processor chip developed at MIT.”

Notable Features of the Chip

Improved Low Light Images – I’ve always loved the convenience of smart phone images, but my biggest complaint has always been the terrible low light images that they tend to take. The chip will reportedly improve this by taking two images and combining certain aspects of each image. According to the release, “the processor takes two images, one with a flash and one without. It then splits both into a base layer, containing just the large-scale features within the shot, and a detailed layer.

Automatic HDRs – The other notable feature is improved HDR images and faster HDR processing times. “Software-based systems typically take several seconds to perform this operation, while the chip can do it in a few hundred milliseconds on a 10-megapixel image. This means it is even fast enough to apply to video, Ickes says.”

Read the Official Press Release Here.

Image of the Chip