In real life full scale fashion shoots are scheduled and prepped for weeks in advance. Ben Vong Wong found himself in an interesting situation in Detroit earlier this year and he decided he wanted to setup a shoot… that catch was that he only had about 24 hours to get it scheduled(including finding a location, assistants, gear, models, stylist, etc) and shot.

This sounds like the setup to a photo related fashion TV show, Photoshoot Impossible or Fashion Impossible. Maybe someone should call up the TV networks and use this video as the pilot….

In addition to the above video Vong Wong has given up a really detailed post up on his blog detailing the shoot. If you are interested in the full details of the shoot head over there to check it out. Below I wanted to highlight a part of the post in which Ben shares 5 tips for successfully organizing a full scale fashion photoshoot in under 24 hours.

  1. Surround yourself with passionate & talented individuals
  2. Come early, throw together a plan and be prepared to work twice as hard.
  3. Think on your Toes
  4. Share and communicate your vision through imagery
  5. Don’t be scared to ask for help

I personally can’t think of the next time that I will be setting up a fashion photoshoot (or any shoot for that matter) in less than 24 hours. But I can definitely see that value of the tips shared above. I would contend that they are not only applicable to short notice shoots like Von Wongs shoot above, but also in your everyday shoots that you do.




What are your thoughts? Did the images turn out good? Let us know in a comment below. 

[via Von Wong]