A common thing you hear about mirrorless systems is that they are close, but not quite to a point yet to where they can be truly taken seriously. It is a point that many mirrorless users would argue, myself included, but nonetheless, it is a common line of thought in the SLR community.


So I got to thinking, which mirrorless system do you all think is closest to ‘arriving’? to clarify, by arriving, I mean is at a point where you would be comfortable ditching your DSLR entirely and moving to that system.

If you ask me, it is a tough question. Micro Four-Thirds has been around the longest, and certainly has a great lens lineup and plenty of bodies in place. But the sensor size and lower light performance have always been an issue.

Fujifilm is doing a lot right, and is the company that attracted me the most with their superb lens selection and sensor performance. But the lack of a good flash system, and a few other small things prevent it from being quite where it needs to be for a true mass appeal.


Sony has made the biggest splash, for sure, with their A7 full frame mirrorless cameras, but it is also the system with the least lens support and is not quite where it needs to be either in terms of battery life and AF performance.

Canon and Nikon also both have mirrorless systems, but when compared to the other competition, both have a LONG way to go before being taken seriously.


Samsung is a somewhat newer player to the mirrorless game as well; they recently made huge strides with the release of the NX1 and more pro-focused lenses, but they still have a very consumer feel to them and the pro lens selection is very limited.

I want to know what you think. Vote in the poll below and make sure to leave a comment to elaborate on your thoughts.

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*Note: I specifically left Leica off this list; traditionally when speaking of mirrorless systems, Leica’s are not what we are referring to. Though, yes, they are mirrorless.