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No Panasonic, Olympus, Sony or Fuji Camera Announcements for PPE 2015


According to the latest rumors, you should not expect to see any camera announcements from the mirrorless block (Panasonic, Olympus, Sony, Fuji) ahead of Photo Plus in NY next week.

While we may not see any cameras, we will likely see several lens announcements. According to the mirrorless rumors report, Fuji will debut their rumored 35mm F/2 lens, Sony will announce 8 new FE lenses, and Panasonic/Olympus will both show off prototypes of their 100-400mm and 300mm M4/3 lenses.

Personally, I am curious to see if these ‘8’ rumored Sony FE lenses do make an appearance. Not only would be that be a ton of new lenses to utilize and review, but it could greatly lower the barrier to entry of the Sony system if any of them are more budget friendly.

It will also be interesting to see how the new Fuji 35mm F/2 stacks up to their older 35mm F/1.4. We are now essentially one week away from the Expo, so these announcements could start rolling any time new.

What possible announcements are you most interested in?

Manfrotto Announces New Slider


Manfrotto has announced a new line of video sliders. The new slider promises to be smooth and silent, as well as have an unrivaled compatibility with the rest of the Manfrotto ecosystem.

The new sliders will come in a 60cm and 100cm versions, with each also coming in a kit with a Manfrotto fluid head. The company says that the sliders will be capable of silent and accurate movements thanks to their 8 high precision ball bearings. The 60cm version weighs in at 4.8lbs, and the 100cm version comes in at 6.5lbs.

To me, these look like Manfrotto took the generic design from those $100 sliders on Amazon, upped the build quality and materials and announced it. I’ll be curious to see how these stack up to other sliders on the market, including those $100 sliders that look so similar.

The 60cm version of the Manfrotto slider will start at $450 with the 100c version coming in only $50 more at $500. As I mentioned before, both versions will also come in kits with Manfrotto fluid heads.

You can order and learn more about these new sliders from Manfrotto over on their website here.

More Pentax Full Frame Rumblings


A forum user over on Xitek has claimed to have beta tested the upcoming Pentax full-frame camera (now please take a moment to apply copious amounts of salt here) and has shared some thoughts. The camera is expected to be announced/released within the next 6 months, so we will see if this rumor pans out pretty quickly.

According to the forum poster, the new camera is not 42MP, it has a very fast AF, lots of AF points, and super-resolution mode works handheld. He also goes on to say that it is overall a better experience than the Nikon D810, but that is his opinion.

I am pretty skeptical that anyone who has really had a chance to use the camera would risk getting another opportunity like that again by leaking and talking about it on a forum. So I am not really taking this too seriously, but it does bring up some good discussion points regarding this upcoming Pentax announcement.

What are you hoping to see from the Pentax announcement? Are they too little too late with a FF DSLR? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

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