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MIOPS Smart Giveaway | High Speed Photography At Your Fingertips (Retail $239)

By Christopher Lin on June 5th 2015


Whether you’re shooting lighting photos, high-speed splashes or even HDR, there’s a gadget that can do all that and more, right at your fingertips.  It is called MIOPS Smart.

MIOPS Smart has built-in light and sound sensors, and it is a running a powerful software to trigger your camera or flash unit at the exact moment. You can capture lightning photos without missing a single bolt, or you can trigger your flash unit at the exact moment when a balloon pops. MIOPS Smart has HDR mode, so you can take photos with different exposures in just a few steps.

These are just the basic functions of MIOPS Smart. It enables you to take sequential pictures for time lapse videos. You just need to specify the number of pictures and the interval. MIOPS Smart takes care of the rest. It is supported by a dedicated smartphone app, so you can configure MIOPS Smart using the screen right at your fingertips. Advanced scenario mode enables you to combine sound and light sensors along with other functions like delay and time lapse. You can even hook up an external sensor to MIOPS Smart, so you use almost everything as a trigger event for your photography. This little gadget will take your photography skills to the next level.

The winner will get a MIOPS Smart Unit which retails for $239 with all the required connection cables. You will have everything you need to get creative with high speed photography!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

See what you can do with MIOPS Smart and get more information on their website here.





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  1. Triet Do

    It’s my dream!

    | |
  2. Jimmy Arcade

    Great giveaway! I could really use some triggering with high-speed synch.

    | |
  3. Scott Pacaldo


    | |
  4. Roberta Frederick

    This looks like a great tool.

    | |
  5. Jeff Morrison

    This is on my wish list

    | |
  6. J. Dennis Thomas

    Forget this overpriced thing. Triggertrap has been doing this for a few years and all you need is a dongle and a free app for your smartphone. It’s like $40 or $50 buck and does all the stuff this thing does.

    Triggertrap is the brainchild of Haje Jan Kamps a photographer and writer (and all around good dude)

    | |
    • Dustin Baugh

      I’ve found triggertrap is too slow and the smartphone sensors not accurate enough for lightning photography.

      It’s a good app for the $30 you pay in cables. But you get what you pay for, and that’s cheap for camera gear (although awesome for timelapse related work).

      | |
  7. Graham Curran

    A very neat toy to play around with.

    | |
  8. Isaac Quesenberry

    Very nice!

    | |
  9. J D

    This cool. I’ve always wondered how people got these kinds of shots. I doubt I’ll win so it looks like I’m saving up to buy one of these.

    | |
  10. Brandon Silvera

    so can u wirelessly trigger your flashes with it?

    | |
  11. Paul Empson

    Very interesting… clicks links to discover more…

    | |
  12. youcef smg

    cooool :) :) :) :) :) :)

    | |
  13. Brandon Dewey

    very cool!

    | |