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A Milky Way Timelapse From The International Space Station

By Hanssie on October 6th 2014

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 7.41.18 PMWe’ve featured many beautiful Milky Way timelapse videos here on SLR Lounge, but this one wins. This brief timelapse was taken in space from the space station…so, top that.

Courtesy of the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Center, this 30 second timelapse is from the International Space Station and features “the Aurora Australis, the Milky Way, and some random satellites.

The video is a sequence of 722 images compiled by Hugh Carrick-Allan and will give you a little taste of the view from space…no astronaut training or spacesuit needed.

A favorite tool of astrophotographers is the Syrp Genie motion control and image capture for timelapse photography. It retails at $849 and we are GIVING ONE AWAY! Our current contest is the Night Sky Contest and we want to see your best image that incorporates the night sky. You have 10 days (at the time of writing) to upload your image and get people to vote. The top vote getting images will be evaluated by the editorial staff. Click here to enter and good luck!

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 7.53.42 PM

[Via Universe Today]

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  1. Ian Moss

    Now, that is impressive.

    | |
  2. Clare Havill

    Really beautiful.

    | |
  3. Jeff Morrison

    Takes my breath away every time

    | |

    great timelapse

    | |
  5. Brian Hammonds

    Nice perspective! Always interesting to see shots taken from space.

    | |
  6. Hugh ca

    The timelapse was created from 772 still images, the still image was created by stacking 52 of those images and processing the result. I probably should have been clearer with the description on my blog ;-)

    | |
  7. Lorenz Bee

    Looks pretty much like a advanced version of this one

    I would use it for in car lightning
    Attach it to the roof of the car or sth like that

    | |
  8. Greg Silver

    I never get tired of astrophotography! Great concept taking a timelapse of the stars in space!

    | |