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Microsoft & Canon Sign New Patent Related Licensing Agreement

By Anthony Thurston on July 3rd 2014

There are not many bigger brands in the world than that of Microsoft and Canon, and it was announced today that the two have signed a new strategic partnership agreement in regards to their patents. What exactly this could mean is somewhat shrouded in mystery though. canon-lumia “This agreement covers a broad range of products and services each company offers, including certain digital imaging and mobile consumer products. Microsoft and Canon have a long history of collaborating to bring high-quality, cutting-edge products to consumers, including color technology. Contents of the agreement will not be disclosed.”

It seems clear that whatever the two mega corporations have in mind will revolve around imaging and mobile devices. Some have speculated that the partnership could lead to Canon imaging tech being implemented in Microsoft’s windows based Nokia Lumia phones. That is certainly a possibility, and one that I am sure many Lumia/Windows users would like to see.

Another possibility here is that Canon could develop some sort of Windows Phone based camera, similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy Cameras. To me, that seems like the least likely of the outcomes. I mean think about it: this is the company that essentially gave up on the EOS-M after one model (yes, I know there is an EOS M2, but really it’s just an EOS M with Wifi). I don’t see how Canon could look at something like the Galaxy Camera and think that is worth investing in over an updated EOS M.

It could be some time before any fruits of this partnership agreement are found on the consumer market, but nevertheless we will be keeping and eye out for new Nokia/Microsoft and Canon products that fit the bill. Stay tuned…


What are your thoughts on this partnership agreement? What is the most likely product collaboration that you see coming of this? Leave a comment below!

[via Canon Rumors]

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  1. Dave Lyons

    see i keep saying canon reminds me of m$!! lmfao
    both are completely behind the times so this is no surprise but pretty scary

    “Microsoft and Canon have a long history of collaborating to bring high-quality, cutting-edge products to consumers, including color technology”
    I call BS!!!
    1. high quality: Ok canon used to deliver there but m$ has NEVER been about high quality.. ever…
    2. cutting edge products: same as above
    3. color technology: ummm Canons color depths are sadly behind and m$… OMG don’t even get me started on m$ and colors!! ask any web developer that got to “enjoy” the m$ color journey for the last 15 years… you could almost solely blame the internet for being so far behind on m$ as they kept technology for moving forward and still can’t properly display colors.

    damn I’m glad I got off the canon ship it’s a damn mess right now

    As far as a product collaboration… I really can’t see anything that’d be worthwhile, most likely it’ll be a zune brown color camera with windows 8 built in that can do absolutely nothing except collect viruses and refuse to run if you don’t have a wifi connection at all times so it can check for “authentic windows validation” every 10 minutes.

    Aren’t canon users starting to get worried about whats going on? I would be.

    | |
    • Dave Lyons

      oh wait…. canons new sensor is probably the 41 mp out of the nokia phone…. look out D810!! ;)~

      | |
    • Jacob Jexmark

      Worried? Why on earth should Canon users be worried? Canon is a mess? I would be VERY interested to see how Canon is a damn mess. Would love to know how Canon are “completely behind times” too.

      Aren’t Nikon users starting to get worried? Nikon is haemorrhaging money like it’s not even funny.

      | |
    • Dave Lyons

      Why should you be worried? really???? everyone else is kicking products out and pushing tech while canon does… nothing. Canon sensors are already years behind and on average have 30% less Image Quality, over 2 stops less dynamic range and over 2 bits less color depth and theres really no news on any new competitive sensor coming… yeah you’re right… why worry? ancient sensors… who cares…. 7dm2 rumors, pushbacks… who cares…. well at least you got the groundbreaking t5!! ;) oh I guess you got some new lens with improved video uses…. hummm, still nothing improving IQ. Meanwhile the cheapest nikon dslr has better IQ, DR & cd than any canon.

      So you’re saying that it’s not worry some that your competitors cheapest product can produce a better result than your highest price item. Sure there’s other features but at the end of the day IQ is what counts. The last 2 years in the high iso noise shooting tests canon was briefly mentioned once as a condolence “honorable mention” in the entry level while Nikon and pentax mopped the rest up (along with everyone else except canon)

      When you don’t release product updates after 4-5 years while your competitors are hard at work and releasing new tech and pushing the boundaries then yes i’d say 1000x over and over that they are “completely behind the times”

      Yes nikon was hemorrhaging money but they’re not in danger and don’t forget not long ago a little company called “Apple” was hemorrhaging money as well while microsoft was raking it in and then microsoft did exactly what canon is doing now which is to sit on their behind and do nothing while Apple got their steam roller going and what happened?? lol

      Mark my words.. the status quo is going to change soon and it won’t be pretty. If canon doesn’t come out with the 7dm2 and a real competitor to the d810 this year then I guess microsoft can show them how to properly circle the drain.

      For canon lovers I wish this wasn’t the case, i honestly would rather you shoot what you love because that’s part of the experience, having to do that with old tech that you just bought as new just isn’t right.

      | |