We’ve always had a respect and admiration for Michelle Moore, a Seattle-based, international high school senior portrait photographer. Her style is clean, crisp and unique; and her poses are flattering and fitting for each individual she photographs.


This summer, Michelle is bringing portrait photographers a really unique and fun online learning experience through Clickin Moms called a “Breakout.” This is perfect for many genres of portrait (or fashion) Photographers. Michelle’s expertise is with High School Senior Portrait photography, as well as commercial fashion and her workshop examples feature a high school senior and a model. However, the purpose of this workshop is to help anyone that is struggling with building their portfolio, or wants to get their ideal client in the door. You can be at any level of Photography to participate, but it is meant for those who need help with any of the following topics:

• Setting up your own portfolio building photoshoots to market to future clients
• How to appeal to your target market and what to put in your portfolio and what to keep out
• Learn how to work with a stylist
• Producing your own styled photoshoot from beginning to end (including a “workbook” to walk you through each step)
• Ideas for how to “get your first client” or “create your first client”
• And more!

Workshop Format

This “Breakout” is an online workshop that is open to anyone across the world. The beauty of this learning experience is you can join, download all the content and keep it forever – allowing you to learn at your own pace.

The workshop runs June 11th-26th, which means you have access to an active forum for up to 2 weeks. Sign up early and submit your questions to the forum for Michelle’s final Q&A video recorded at the end of the two weeks. This is not a live event but signing up early gives you more learning opportunities within the forum.

Registration is now open for the Michelle Moore “Building Your Brand” online workshop. If you are struggling with where to start with your photography portfolio (i.e. how to get those clients you want!) then come check it out! For more information and the link to register Click Here. Cost to attend is $50.

Workshop Cost

The cost to purchase this workshop is only $50 and offers you over 60 pages of PDF reading material and over 80 minutes of videos to watch! Plus you’ll receive an exclusive massive discount on the POSING & MOORE guide. Check it out this June 11th, 2013!

The workshop is now open for registration! Head here to register today!

You can also sign up for the Michelle Moore mailing list to be on the VIP list for registration – and future product, mentoring and workshop announcements.

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Workshop Giveaway

Michelle is running a giveaway through June 9th, 2013 for a seat to the workshop. Enter Below!

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Michelle Moore BIO

Michelle Moore is an internationally respected high school senior portrait photographer residing in Seattle, WA.  In 2012 she was nominated BEST EMERGING Photographer for the Framed Awards.  Her POSING & MOORE guide has been sold in over 20 countries to thousands of photographers.

Michelle is known for her natural and fresh approach to photographing teens, and starting the successful hair & makeup trend in high school senior portrait photography.  Most notable clients include Amazon.com, REPORT footwear, Jessica Lowndes of 90210 and publications such as Inc. Magazine, JNSQ and ZOOEY Magazine.