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Mesmerizing 4K Timelapse Of M&Ms Dissolving In Water

By Bilal Akhtar on December 16th 2016

As the adage goes, doing something simple but doing it exceedingly well is a recipe for something great. There are some photo/video projects that are so strikingly basic in concept but so evocative that even in an age of technological wonder to the point we’re jaded, they leave us gazing.  They are far and few between but this is one such.

The Beauty of Science, an institution found in 2016, is an educational brand that produces inspiring content for K-12 STEM education and science outreach. Producer & Ph.D., Yan Liang, found himself playing with some M&M’s and wondered, what would a time-lapse look like of them dissolving in water? Well, as you’ll see below,  it’s spectacular.

Diffusion is negligibly slow in liquids – it takes days for solutes to travel a few centimeters. A time-lapse, however, can speed it up, and because colors are what’s mixing, beautiful gradients are made.

To capture a time-lapse in 4K, Yan uses a Sony A7r II and a strategic black background, creating a great canvas for seeing the colors flow over time, which may be the most beautiful part of the video.

There are a few different arrangement Yan chooses, going from individual to groups, each in their own, an explosion of color that resembles gas cloud nebulae seen deep in space.

Check here for full resolution captures and more Beauty Of Science.


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