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MeiKe Announces MK-310, A Low Profile Master Flash For Canon or Nikon

By Anthony Thurston on June 25th 2014

Many of you probably do not even use Canon or Nikon’s built in flash triggering technology, but for those of you that do, or for anyone interested in trying it out, I’ve got an interesting new product for you to check out.


Knockoff manufacturer MeiKe has just released a new “low profile” flash commander called the MK-310. The new flash commander comes in both Canon and Nikon versions, and unlike other commander-only units, this device is also a fully functioning flash head.

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One of the things that always annoyed me about the Canon and Nikon systems was the need to have a full sized flash on top of my camera in order to trigger my remote speedlights.This new unit now offers users the ability to trigger their speedlights with a low-profile commander speedlight, which cuts down on weight, as well as keeps you from having to have this huge speedlight on the top of your camera just for triggering.


The new MK-310 will retail for about $80, making it considerably more affordable than any other master speedlight commander for either system. Not only that, but the only other commander units that come even close to being as small as these are the commander-only units which can’t also act as a speedlight.

MK-310 Specs

  • GN: 32
  • Supports TTL & HSS
  • Low Profile
  • Master Flash for both Canon and Nikon systems

Overall, it is a very unique product, but one that could be useful to many Canon or Nikon shooters who use the built in triggering technology from each company. You can get more details about the new MeiKe unit over on the Meike website. You can find them over on Amazon today for $79.99 here.

[Images via Amazon store page and Meike Website]

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  1. Tyler Friesen

    Great product for people just getting into using speedlights.

    | |
  2. Servando Miramontes

    Its a smarter, more powerful SB-400…. hahahahaha

    | |
  3. Dave Lyons

    “One of the things that always annoyed me about the Canon and Nikon systems was the need to have a full sized flash on top of my camera in order to trigger my remote speedlights”

    I can’t speak for canon as my 30D didn’t have this ability but none of my Nikon’s have ever needed a full sized flash to trigger my remote flashes.. just the built-in popup flash… just fyi.

    Although it would be nice to have something better at times and this might fit that bill

    | |
  4. Kurk Rouse

    So this is still line of site ?

    | |
    • Anthony Thurston

      Yes, it has the same limitations as any other master speedlight in the standard Canon or Nikon IR based triggering systems.

      | |