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Mefoto Globetrotter Giveaway

By Lindsey Chu on August 2nd 2016

Mefoto Globetrotter Giveaway

And the giveaways just keep on coming!

For this next giveaway, we’ve teamed up with our partners over at Mefoto to give away their acclaimed Mefoto Globetrotter Tripod!

The Prize

animationThe Globetrotter is, by far, among the most versatile tripods in terms of style and function. Not only are the Globetrotters available in an array of colors, but their ability to be a lightweight, compact, load bearing tripod makes them invaluable to a photographer’s toolkit.

The winner of this giveaway will receive a carbon fiber Globetrotter in the color of their choice.

If you would like to get more details on the Mefoto Globetrotter, be sure to check them out here.

Enter Below

For your chance to win the Mefoto Globetrotter, simply just enter below. There are 4 ways to enter so you could earn up to 10 entries if you do them all.

Good luck!
Mefoto Globetrotter Giveaway

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Is this contest open internationally?

Unfortunately, this contest is not open internationally. The contest is void where prohibited. Contest ends Friday, August 12th, 2016 with the official winner announced the week after.

Do I have to complete all of the entry methods?

No. Each method is assigned a value. The more entry methods you complete, the more chances you have to win!

Do you have any other giveaways?

Yes. We almost always have a giveaway or two running. To check out the latest ones, see our Giveaway Category.

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Q&A Discussions

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  1. charles harris

    wow great colors

    | |
  2. Greg Urbano

    great giveaway!

    | |
  3. Marco Bracchi

    I really wish i could have one of these, being on a carers pension makes it hard to buy quality items.

    | |
  4. Simon Johannssen

    I really wish I win one of these! I’m sitting here with like thousands of dollars worth camera gear, but putting them onto a $40 tripod I got from Amazon when I started photography years ago… Just hoping!

    Anyway.. Good luck to everyone! And thank you for doing this giveaway :)

    | |
    • Dave Lyons

      a few years ago I bought a ravalli carbon fiber with ball head on eBay (ended up coming straight from ravalli) with overnight shipping for $44 and it was actually pretty good.. light and held a d700 and 70-300mm easily. Unfortunately a leg joint broke in the snow this year which is how I ended up buying the 3lt POS one, that ravioli was so much better and at least had a nice safety pin. On the 3 legged thing the camera would slide off so easily, so I took the head from the ravalli and attached it to a d700 BUT DIDN”T even close it down and the camera wouldn’t come off for anything, on the 3lt you barely touched to knob and goodbye camera and lens.

      A couple of things to look out for on these is 1) that they have a safety lock or system on the head and 2) that the head clamp and plate have a ton of real estate connecting for a solid grip. The 3 legged things “innovation” was to make the plate and clamp barely touch which makes it easier to get movement in the shots and then the Einstein’s that they are painted the clamp with a shiny, slick paint (GENIUS!!!) on a part you don’t want moving which also cracks and that bit of little cracking is enough to send your camera on a one ticket down and just to make it more “innovative” they made it out of thin metal so in cold temps the place shrinks and say goodbye to your gear in yet another way… but the brilliant COO told me “they don’t need safety pins/releases…

      They admitted all the issues and told me over 23 times that they’d replace my gear then reneged after they had my damaged gear… bad bad company… and ravioli said they’d give me 50% off any of their current tripods.. at least that’s something.

      | |
  5. Aravind Sheela

    i too wish i win mefoto..:)

    | |
  6. Dave Lyons

    I really wish I would have gotten one of these instead of the 3 legged thing complete piece of cr*p that I got instead. Same basic thing and from same factory I think but it seems like the components are better and hopefully unlike my 3lt the heads will be made right and I wouldn’t have broken my d700 and 2 lens because of their faulty cr*p. And hopefully the heads on these at least have a safety pin/release and the leg locks work and well every other movable piece.

    | |
  7. Rob Kirkland

    I like the color choices.

    | |