It’s well-known that most photographers feel more comfortable behind the lens than in front of it. Some of them even downright hate getting their photo taken. And for those photographers, who loathe the idea of having a camera in their face, we just want to let you know: we found it. Your next animal companion.

Meet the Burrowing Owl!

Get That Camera Outta My Face!

This small, long-legged owl can be found burrowing around North and South America. They prefer to make their homes in grasslands, deserts and some agricultural areas. Really, any dry, open, low vegetation area will do for these little guys. Somewhere they can live a private life, without any pesky cameras around.

Well, looks like the Hawk Conservancy Trust in the UK didn’t get that memo, and they found out the hard way that these burrowing owls didn’t much appreciate their hidden camera tactics.

The conservancy set up the hidden wildlife cameras to keep tabs on their little burrowing owls, but soon found that they hadn’t hidden the cameras well enough. The owls quickly found the cameras and began to get more and more irate, eventually knocking over the camera completely. The Twitter post quickly went viral, and we’re not surprised. Just look at how cute these guys are, even when they’re completely losing it!

It just goes to show that you always need to ask permission first before setting your lens on a subject. Some people, and animals, just don’t like secretly getting their photo taken.

To the Hawk Conservancy Trust: Burrowing owls have rights, too! You could always have them sign an image release if it’s that important to you.

And to the burrowing owls: Stay classy. Maybe take an anger management class, but in this case, we think your reaction was totally justified!

(Via DIYPhotography)