24 Jan 2020

SLR Lounge Media Kit

SLR Lounge is an active photography and cinematography community with comprehensive workshops on shooting techniques, post production, business and more.  We specialize in creating no nonsense, real world education for creatives to learn and develop their craft.

We also deliver industry news, inspiration, artist features, gear talk, and other engaging and interactive content.

Thank you for your interest in advertising with SLR Lounge.

We understand that the success of SLR Lounge hinges upon the success of our advertising partners.  We want to help you achieve your goals; and to do so, we offer a wide variety of sponsorship options.  We are constantly adjusting these options to stay up-to-date with the best marketing practices and the ever-changing landscape of our photography industry.

Our options include the following:

Video Sponsorships

Video content is an important component of most successful marketing plans.  We offer Ad breaks and sponsored videos, shared on our Youtube Channel, Social Media, and Website.

Article Sponsorships

Reach our large readership with a sponsored post on our website.  Whether you’re looking to build loyalty, increase brand awareness, drive traffic, convert users, or gather leads, there are many opportunities to accomplish your goals.

Newsletter Sponsorships

Reach new audiences with our newsletter sponsorships.  We have advertising slots within our weekly newsletter as well as list rental options.  We maintain a healthy list, with frequent pruning, reengagement campaigns, and other best practices.

Website Banners

Sidebar banner ads are perfect for new product releases, sales, or general product or brand awareness campaigns. We offer competitive CPM rates with placement displayed in the accompanying graphic.

… and More

Looking for a custom package?  We’ll work with you to figure out the best plan to accomplish your goals.  If you have a specific request or idea, we’re all ears!

Please email us at contact@slrlounge.com to receive access to our latest Media Kit, which includes all of our options and pricing.


For access to our full list of options and pricing, please contact us.

Christopher Lin