The Canon 7D Mark II may not feature an revolutionary new sensor, or a big upgrade in video features as many hoped for, but there is no denying that it is clearly a solid upgrade of the current 7D model. But how does the new body actually feel and handle?

Matt Granger is lucky enough to be at Photokina and had the opportunity to give us a first hand review/overview of the 7D Mark II from the floor at the huge Photokina epxo. If you are interested in the 7D Mark II, this is probably the best “non-Canon” video I have seen on the new APS-C flagship body.

As primarily a sports and action photographer, this new 7D Mark II has me all kinds of excited. I am most curious to compare it directly with the original 7D to see how much of an improvement in the High ISO – probably my biggest/only complaint with the current model – and image quality there is.


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I can also see the complaints regarding the lack of much improvements to the video capabilities, and the apparent lack of much -if any- sensor innovation. So I will be very interested to see how it holds up when I get my copy for review.

Those interested can pre-order the 7D Mark II now over on B&H.


What are your thoughts on the 7D Mark II? Are you excited by the camera, or one of the many disappointed with it? Leave a comment below!

[via Matt Granger on YouTube]