This is precisely the type of lecture that aspiring photographers and established photographers can watch and both find value in. Whether in the form of ‘a-ha’ moments for the up and comers, or re-affirmation for the experienced, B&H and Jerry Ghionis deliver some of the most poignant words on bettering your photography regardless of gear, location, and light.

Ghionis is, and understandably so, widely celebrated as one of the top wedding photographers in the world. In a field as saturated as a rice paddy, this stands out as no easy feat, but after about 10 minutes of looking at his work and listening to how he creates it, you’ll likely find it an accolade attributed to the right person. The ease at which he addresses a crowd and cuts through the fat in his teachings makes this heavy, hour and 44 minute long supper of a lecture, into an easily digestible aperitif.


Ghionis states from the beginning that the focus of this talk is on the use of light, and how to use any light to create great images in-camera. From sunlight, to open shade, to artificial and candle light, all the way to off camera, on camera, video, and LED light, Ghionis helps bring an understanding of how to approach each type, giving his advice not just on the usage of that light, but how to make the most out of your subject(s) to create a compelling image with it. Each of the 104 minutes is worth their seconds two times over.

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I’m not a wedding shooter, but you don’t need to be to get a lot out of this video. The last B&H video featured I rated for its thought process and theory, and this one for its ability to be put into practice. The image examples and explanations he gives are often tied to behind the scenes shots showing the unfavorable locations where the impressive images were taken. It’s damn inspiring stuff.

Learn more about Ghioni and his work and teachings here.

Source: PetaPixel