There are many situations as a photographer where you are expected to Macgyver something by using whatever you have in your camera bag, in your car and on location to get set up a scene properly. Be it rigging your off camera light to a stand or securing your camera when you’ve left your tripod somewhere, there have been times, I am sure, that you’ve had to be creative in rigging up your gear (like attaching a secondary flash to the DJ’s speakers at a wedding reception), just to get the look and feel you want for your shot.


There’s a tool that is a must have in every photographer’s camera bag, and that is a master clamp. This indispensable piece of metal has many uses on set for both photographers and filmmakers.  Many times, we have to attach something we need to something else, and when you’re working with thousands and thousands of dollars in equipment, you have to make sure it’s secure. In the following video from RGG Edu, Rob Grimm shows us 8 ways you can use a master clamp, from mounting backgrounds to utilizing the master clamp with other tools like a magic arm.


If you’re a new photographer who has never heard of this ~$40 tool, or someone looking for new ideas to use your master clamp, check out the useful 5 and a half minute video below.

Th e master clamp that Rob is using in the video is made by Tether Tools and can be found here at B&H.

[Via ISO1200/Youtube]