Earlier this week, we shared a leaked image of the upcoming update to the Canon 100-400mm. More details have emerged – well, leaked – about this lens: including more product images, detailed lens specs and the all important release date.


The information comes to us via a massive leak posted by Canon Rumors. If the leak is legitimate, which there is no reason to think otherwise at this point, the new 100-400mm will retain the F/4.5-5.6 variable aperture range and feature 21 lens elements in 6 groupings.

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The new 100-400mm will have a minimum focusing distance of 3.2 feet, a nice improvement over the current version which has a minimum focusing distance of 5.9 feet. The other really notable improvement over the current 100-400mm is the zoom mechanism. The new lens will feature a standard zoom ring, rather than the push/pull zoom that the current model features.


Finally, the price. According to the leak, the new Canon 100-400mm F/4.5-5.6L IS II will run you $2199 and is expected to be officially unveiled by Canon on Tuesday Nov. 11th. It is worth noting that the current 100-400mm is on sale, and can be yours for just $1499 (after a $200 mail-in rebate).

I am not sure about that price. Tamron and Sigma have their 150-600mm offerings available now that are cheaper, offer as good or better performance than the 100-400mm, while having 200mm of extra range. The top end Sigma Sports version comes in at $1999, and this 100-400mm is $200 more than that. It does have the benefit of being smaller and lighter, though.


It will be interesting to see how the lens is received. No ship date was included in the release, so who knows when it will actually be available.

[via Canon Rumors]