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“Man of Steel” BTS Reveals Director’s Strengths

By Christopher Lin on June 3rd 2013

A new BTS interview/promotional video was released recently for the upcoming summer blockbuster “Man of Steel,” getting us all excited for what looks to be an amazing visual experience and compelling story.

While the majority of the clip has little to do with photography, it does offer interesting glimpses of the sets and valuable insights into the vision and style of the director, Zach Snyder. About 2 minutes in, a few of the actors give compliments to their director. All creative professionals, especially photographers, can benefit from hearing these unique characteristics, passions, and tenancies of the director that are appreciated and praised by the talent on the set.

Henry Cavill, playing Superman, says “working with zach is great .. His energy is always up. As much as the hours are extremely long, Zach keeps stuff interesting.

Michael Shannon, playing General Zod, says “Zach is very detailed oriented, he never misses anything.

Amy Adams, playing Lois Lane, says “He just has a really strong idea of the story and a really strong idea of character. Zach knows exactly what he’s looking for and he knows when he has it and that gives you a certain amount of confidence.

Russell Crowe, playing Jor-el, says “one really interesting thing with Zach is he’s probably chosen the hardest possible way by making it, for the most part, a single camera. You don’t work on movies with this scale with a single camera.

Zach Snyder, the director himself says, “even though we’re walking around and making shots, a frame is always being analyzed and refined as we go.

The takeaway here is that we all need to stay energetic, as it effects the mood and performance of our talent. We should also convey a sense of attention-to-detail and a dedication to the story we are trying to tell, as this instills confidence in our talent, models, or clients. Lastly, we should always push the boundaries, challenging ourselves and staying analytical as we go.

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Man of Steel BTS Video

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