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Man Gets Kicked In Head While Taking Selfie Next To Moving Train

By Anthony Thurston on April 16th 2014

We have talked about it in the past, how railroads are not safe places for you or your clients to be taking photos. Well, apparently some did not realize that this also applies to selfies…


Youtuber Jared Michael learned this the hard way when he was trying to take a selfie with a train moving behind him, from what he says, was a “safe distance”. Apparently it was not safe enough, because as the train started to pass by,  someone can be heard yelling, and then Michael is kicked in the head with a boot from what we assume is the train engineer. See for yourself below.

[REWIND: 4 Reason Railroads are not Safe Places for Photoshoots]

While I can’t say it is ok for an engineer to kick anyone in the head, Michael was rather stupid for being so close to the train while it was moving by. Let it be a lesson learned, photos and trains do not mix… even selfies (although whether or not they count as photos is debatable, haha).

What are your thoughts on this? Was Jared Michael being reckless or was the engineer out of line here? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Kurk Rouse

    Well at least he got famous for some thing

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  2. John

    What an idiot.

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  3. Curt Hudson

    I work part time with a shortline railroad. For the conductor to do this (the engineer has to stay at the throttle) it would be a necessary and not malicious act. The kid is standing way too close to the train. The engineer is sounding the horn and it probably appeared that they would strike the person so the conductor used his foot to push him out of the way. It isn’t a perfectly placed foot as we can see, but it’s not a kick either. All the conductor had to do was brace his foot and the speed of the train did the work. The protruding metal appears to be the grab irons for boarding the locomotive, not a loose object. This looks as if it’s shot at a station so the person is legal in the sense that he’s not trespassing, but standing in the yellow zone where no one should be when a train passes. Even where I work, where the trains do not exceed 25mph we have some surprisingly close calls with drivers who try to beat us at crossings. If we meet, we will win that one, but it happens way too much.
    Sorry kid, you’re the one who’s wrong here.

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  4. Marcus Lundberg

    How can the guy not even flinch when the train whistle blows!

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  5. Mike

    Surely the train engineer should have been wearing trainers?

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  6. Arnaud

    This fake video really improves my photography skills. Such Amazed.

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  7. Jonathan

    Regardless who’s fault or how stupid, i just don’t understand how it’s possible to have (naturally) a video recorded of the moment you were trying to take a photo.
    When you go to the youtube page of this guy, it links to JunkinMedia if you want to use this video. Just for info, the mission of JunkinMedia is (their words): “to reward video creators by monetizing their content ….. ”
    In addition to the fact that this “youtuber” has only one video…

    i guess this is all fake and was just intended since the begining to make buzz and money. Jared Michael is not the dumb one in this story :)

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    • Nursultan

      A lot of your recent smartphones actually shoot video clips even when you are in photo mode so you can pick out the frame that you want to save as a still image.

      Even as stupid as it is for this guy to be that close the tracks, even stupider (is that a word?) for the train guy to kick the guy in the head. He could have lost is balance as a result and stumbled back and fell under the wheels of the train.

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    • Mrtobin

      I to think that this was a set-up. The fact that he knew that he was kicked and not just hit by something makes this whole thing suspect.

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  8. Matt

    If you look closely at the video frame-by-frame, it appears that there was a piece of metal on the train that extended beyond where the conductor’s leg was. If he hadn’t put his leg there and knocked this moron’s head out of the way, that kid could likely have ended up getting his head split open by the train.

    If you want to get even more scientific, I would hypothesize that the appearance of the young man in this video indicates that he was in need of a kick to the head regardless of whether there was a train in the proximity or not.

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  9. Kevin Carr

    Forget the engineer and the fact it’s ILLEGAL, the moron even had earbuds in!

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    • Kevin Carr

      Forget the engineer and the fact it’s ILLEGAL, the moron even had earbuds in! No fault on the engineer’s part. He didn’t do it on purpose, it’s not like the train could have stopped and like they say, “the train has left the station.”

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  10. Darren Humphries

    Perhaps the engineer was trying to kick him out of the way, if he was that close.

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  11. dsh

    It’s trespassing to even be on railroad tracks in the first place. If I were the person who “kicked” him, I’d say I were simply making an effort to move him away from the train and not actually intending to harm, but help.

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  12. Kim

    Hope he got some sense knocked into him. If you’re close enough for the conductor to kick you in the head you are NOT at a safe distance. What a nimrod!

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    • Ryan

      He might have saved that guy a lot of pain and misery by kicking his head out of the way. Better a foot than the train.

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