A few months ago, Tenba released a line of messenger bags for photographers and filmmakers. To show the sturdiness of the bags and their indestructibility, Tenba focused their energies on a championship Sumo wrestler their print ads and video.

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Tenba-ad-1 tenba-ad-3

tenba-ad-2Seeking to produce a unique campaign, not seen in typical ads for camera equipment, they brought in Byamba, a gold medalist winner of numerous Sumo competitions around the world to be the star of their campaign. “Byamba really tried his best to tear apart our bags. Those shots in the intro aren’t faked,” says Tenba Product Manager, Peter Waisnor. The company released the following behind the scenes video and outtake reel for more fun and laughter.

Behind the Scenes

The Outtakes

It’s refreshing to see ad campaigns that aren’t so serious and think outside of the box, especially for camera gear.

We wanted images that spoke to the strength and durability of Tenba since we only manufacture professional-grade bags that are built to last a long time, but we also wanted something original that no one has ever seen in our industry.

I think that Tenba has succeeded indeed. Bravo.

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